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Sport Brace

Price: BDT 1200.00


Magnetic Posture Sport BraceGain back your confidence with a corrected back posture without any discomfort at a low cost and will never be called ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’ again!

Whether you realize it or not, people unconsciously slouch from time to time, leading to incorrect body posture and causing backaches or other spin-related ailments. With this deal, your back can get straightened and your posture corrected without any pain involved!

The Magnetic Posture Sport Brace helps to ease pain and correct poor posture by gently pulling back your shoulders. Through this process, your neck and head will be straightened while aligning your spine.

Promoting ease of wearing, this unisex designed Magnetic Posture Sport Brace can be worn while working, walking, exercising and anywhere else without any discomfort!

Its lightweight design enables you to use the sport hidden under clothing. Within the sport are 12 strategically placed magnets that target the spine and lumbar region which helps in relieving stress, improving circulation, relaxing your muscles and reducing pain.

Product Specification:

1 Power Magnetic Posture Supporter
Material: Polyurethane-rubber blend
Fits size S - M
Waist size 24″ - 32″
Contains 12 Gauss magnet