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Facial Beauty Steamer & Steam Inhaler

Price: BDT 1490.00


Facial Beauty Steamer & Steam InhalerFacial Beauty Steamer & Steam InhalerFacial Beauty Steamer & Steam InhalerFacial Beauty Steamer & Steam Inhaler

Facial Beauty Steamer & Steam Inhaler

Innerbeauty’s Spa Home Facial Steamer keys to make you enjoy face spa at home every day. The facial treatment can help you clear pores effectively, purify and whiten skin, deepen hydration, reduce fine lines, inhibit blackheads and acne, promote blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, and make you look younger and more beautiful

The hot mist face steamer will spray warm mist within the 40s, fast and large steamer last for a long time. The large-capacity water tank can store 50ml one time and spray for 20 minutes. When waterless, the steam will be less. If the steamer is shut down due to low water, please cut off power. add water and start in 10 minutes. Keep clean after use can extend the use of life

This professional facial steamer adopts high-quality ABS materials, safe, environment friendly, no harm to skin, no odor, two temperature adjustment, large water tank,50ml water can be added for one time, large spray, more hydrating, soothing skin,re-changing Collagen, parts are linked closely and won’t leak. When the body begins to release steam, some hot water may be splashed. This is normal