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Best Paint Sprayer Elite

Price: BDT 2450.00


Best Paint Sprayer EliteBest Paint Sprayer EliteBest Paint Sprayer EliteBest Paint Sprayer EliteBest Paint Sprayer Elite

Best Paint Sprayer Elite

Home Decor Boost is the fast and flawless way to paint anything! It is an indispensable air-brush painting kit that allows you to tackle any painting job with a professional and accurate finish. It allows you to spray swiftly and accurately, so no job is too large or too small!

This new and improved Home Decor Boost boasts of a new one-piece compact design which makes getting the perfect paint finish simpler than ever before. Ideal for painting anywhere inside and outside your home, you can use it to paint large and small surfaces, as well as intricate details and hard to reach places.

This Painting Equipment provides great coverage, with no drips and no spills and these qualities make it perfect for the home improvement amateurs, as well as for the professionals! The spray gun gives great results with uniform paint distribution, minimal overspray and virtually no wasted paint! There’s also a precision setting to help you paint more difficult corners and awkward spaces.

It holds up to 800ml of paint which is enough to cover 7 square meters. For professional home painting results, look no further than Home Decor Boost – a perfect painting tool. It is easy to operate, comfortable to operate and is lightweight in construction, making it perfect for everyone and for every job!


Improved easier to use one-piece design
Improved Spray Gun Provides good paint coverage
No drips or spills
3 paint spray settings
Multi-directional nozzle
No pumping required
Holds 800ml of paint
Storage hook included


Acrylic paint
Wood primer and undercoat
Radiator paint
Bug clear pesticide
Decking cleaner and restorer
Quick dry all purpose primer and undercoat
Vinyl matt paint
Colron Danish oil