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Active Posture Back Brace

Price: BDT 850.00


Active Posture Back BraceActive Posture Back BraceActive Posture Back Brace

Give an end to the pain of the back and joints because of poor posture
with Active reliefs pain from the bottom, middle and top of
the back.Muscle pain, sciatica, scoliosis, poor circulation.

Active Posture corrects posture and aligns the spine.The ergonomic
design is based on magnetotherapy and contains 12 magnets that
improve blood flow to the area you want to ‘relieve.

It is very easy to wear, lightweight, comfortable and invisible under clothing,
is made from cotton and is machine washable . It’s one size, fits all body types
and can be worn by men and women.It’s so comfortable
that you will not feel you’re wearing it.