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Dexe Anti-Hair Loss Lotion Day & Night 6 Bottles

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Dexe Anti-Hair Loss Lotion Day & Night 6 Bottles

Scalp and hair is part of a micro-ecosystem of our body.
The Dexe Anti-Hair Loss Day & Night Lotion helps maintain
the balance of this system. Using a holistic herbal recipe which
contains natural herbal extracts of ginseng, angelica, go ji,
ginger and dodder to solve scalp and hair problems.
Continued usage of the day & night lotion activates
follicle, growth hormone and promotes hair regrowth,
effectively improving hair and scalp nourishment.

Dexe Anti-hair Loss Day & Night Lotion

Reduce hair loss with 3 easy steps everyday
Reduce hair loss through the use of plant tincture and plant extracts,
helps open up the nutrition follicle growth hormone and promote hair regrowth
Soothes scalp problems
Nourishes the scalp and hair follicles and balances the scalp ecosystem
to sooth scalp problems, e.g. oiliness, dryness, itchiness and dandruf
Protects and nourishes hair
Slows down age-related hair loss and supports hair growth,
giving the hair healthy luster and vibrancy.

How To Usage:

Apply the hair nurturing lotion twice daily day use (white bottle)
and night use (black bottle). About a drop or two, approx.
5mls per application, twice a day – in the morning and at night.

Using the suction drip, place a drop or two on receding hair line
or sparse area and dab with brush provided. Alternatively you
can place the lotion drip into clean small container, dip the clean
brush with the lotion then apply on the sparse area with the brush.
To be used on dry hair; ensure hair is dry after shampoo before applying.