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Idol Slim apple Drink Fruit Lose Weight Fat Burn

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Idol Slim apple Drink Fruit Lose Weight Fat Burn

  Product Description :

Idol Slim Apple fruit drinks to lose weight lower abdomen upper arms thighs arms.
smaller legs, flat stomach. Accelerate fat burning, weight loss, lowering cholesterol.
No adverse effects on the brain in good shape tight fit firmware & delicious,
Help your shape your in good looking. With natural extracts containing
L-Carnitine & collagen helps to keep skin elastic, strong, bright white skin.
Healthy, safe without side effects.

Instantly slim body ,only a box can see real lower
Why drink Idol Slim Apple?
Products imported from Korea accelerates fat burning.
Weight loss  reduce cholesterol.
No adverse effects on the brain.
Reduce old and new fat. Accelerate fat metabolism
Reduce food appetite, Eat less
Help to modify eating habits.
Lose weight with slimming the waist, neck, arms, toned legs. Strengthen muscles
No Yoyo effect. Permanently slim.
Without side effects
Enhance skin radiance.
Shapely tight fit ,firm your body shape.


Pour Idol Slim Apple 1 sachet in plain or cold water 250 ml.
stir until dissolved,then drink before or after breakfast for 30 minutes.
Recommend to drink water frequently.