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Instant Electric heater Water Faucet Tap

Price: BDT 2100.00


Instant Electric heater Water Faucet Tap

 Product Description :

Digital Heating Fast Electric Heater Instant Water Heater Water Electric Faucet.
Dual Cold Hot Water Intelligent Use Hot Water Tap
5 seconds speed heating, instant hot. No need to wait, easy to use.
The real water separation, highly sensitive built-in leakage protection,
anti-dry design to ensure there is water, electricity, high pressure waterproof design, safe care.
Suitable for household water, wash, wash dishes, vegetables, bathing and other uses.
Support and well-being of dual-use electric faucet, while heated, the water,
the lower the temperature, whereas the smaller the flow, the higher the temperature.
Saving water saving, energy saving, energy efficiency is higher.

Rated voltage: 220V
Rated Power:3000W
Rated frequency:50HZ
Waterproof grade: IPx4
Specifications: Digital Display 180 degrees hot and cold dual two spray modes
Operation is very simple, compact, space-saving, whether home
or in public places Wash hands and face are suitable
to meet the applicable requirements of hot water all occasions.