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Motospeed V30 RGB Backlight Gaming Mouse

Price: BDT 1750.00


Motospeed V30 RGB Backlight Gaming MouseMotospeed V30 RGB Backlight Gaming Mouse

  Product Description :

This is a 6 buttons gaming mouse which is designed for gamer. Ergonomic design, this gaming mouse
is very comfortable to control and use. High precision optical sensor, 6 levels of adjustable DPI, RGB colorful
breathing backlit effect and 20 million times of key’s life are the main features of this gaming mouse.
It is a perfect comrade in game and will bring you a better gaming experience.

Macro definition function and 6 programmable buttons, and you can set buttons function through the driver.
One key can trigger a variety of functions to meet different users’ needs.
6 levels of adjustable DPI from 500 to 3500 which has high-speed button response under your command and fits for different games.
Cool RGB colorful LED backlight, which is a definitely good assistant to highlight the atmosphere of games.
High precision gaming optical engine and built-in professional gaming chip, which can avoid dropping frames and help find the precise position.
Ergonomic design, and the gaming mouse is very comfortable to control and use, suitable for long-term using without fatigue.
20 million times of the key’s life, and the keys will provide sensitive and excellent click feeling.
Non-slip design of the mouse’ surface, which provides you a good touch feeling, and the non-slip mouse’s roller will provide you a good tactile feedback.
The braided USB cable with gold-plated USB interface can provide stable signal and fast transmission speed.
Ultra wear-resistant and ultra-smooth foot pads on its bottom, and the mouse can move smoothly on the mouse pad.
A perfect comrade in game and it will bring you a better gaming experience.

Model: V30
Type: wired mouse
Color: black
Buttons: 6 buttons
Key’s life: 20 million times
DPI: 6 levels of adjustable DPI(500/750/1000/1500/2000/3500)
High resolution: 3500DPI
Maximum tracking speed: 80IPS
Acceleration: 20G
Frame rate: 5300 FPS
SPI Sampling time: 2ms
USB Refresh rate: 500HZ
Operating voltage: DC 5V±5%
Operating current: ≤100mA
Interface: USB
System requirement: for Windows 2000/XP/ME/Vista/Win7/Win8
USB cable length: 1.8m
Item size: approx. 128 * 67 * 41mm / 5.04 * 2.64 * 1.61in (L * W * H)
Item weight: 142g / 5.01oz
Package size: 19 * 13.5 * 5.3cm / 7.48 * 5.31 * 2.09in (L * W * H)
Package weight: 228g / 8.04oz

Note: You can go to MOTOSPEED website to download and install the driver to set macro function.

Package List:
1 * Mouse