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Follihair New Tablet 30 pcs Hair Regrowth

Price: BDT 1550.00


Follihair New Tablet 30 pcs Hair Regrowth

 Product Description :

New Follihair Tablet is a multivitamin nutritional supplement which helps in hair growth and prevents hair fall.

It is used as a nutritional supplement in various cases of deficiency of vitamins or in cases where there

is an increased requirement of the vitamins and minerals present in Follihair tablets. Along with Biotin,

Follihair Tablets  is a comprehensive formulation of 18 Amino Acids, 6 Vitamins, 7 Minerals & 2 Natural Extracts.

Along with Biotin, Follihair new has 8 Essential and 10 non-essential amino Acids

which are naturally present in the hair. This tablet is appropriate for all types of hair.

Benefits of Follihair new:

Reduces Hair Fall

Stimulates growth of new & existing hair

Strengthens the hair from the roots

Nourishes the follicles from within

How does it work

Follihair Tablets

Encouraging the blend of DNA and proteins in the ligament

Treating or counteracting biotin insufficiency

Adding to the development of platelets

Improving  on viral replication

What are the uses of Follihair Tablets ?

encourage the growth of new and existing hair.

lessen the hair fall.

reinforce the hair from roots. nurture the follicles from inside. treat grey hair.

increase hair growth and treat baldness.Important Precautions

Some present health conditions  upcoming surgery, pregnancy,

and so forth must be discussed with your doctor.

As a few health conditions may make you more  reactions

Abstain from using in empty stomach

Avoid using in case you are intending to be pregnant

Pregnant or nursing mother

History of Wilson’s Disease

Avoid using for long-term

Storage requirements for this tablet

Keep the package in a cool dry place.

Do not keep in the bathroom.

Keep it far from the reach of children.

Keep it away from direct contact with the sunlight.