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Penis Enlargement Kit Vacuum Penis Pump for Men Massage

Price: BDT 3500.00


Penis Enlargement Kit Vacuum Penis Pump for Men Massage

Product description
The penis pump will help you and your partner have longer sex time than usual.
The pump appeals to your penis like an exercise that promotes blood circulation.
Your veins will expand and increase the blood volume in your penis hence enlarge your penis and prevent premature ejaculations.
Meanwhile it can prevent premature ejaculation and impotence.
Looking for that extra kink? We have what you need.
The penis pump is a perfect toy for those who feel like experimenting or spicing up their sex life. It works both when exploring yourself and enhancing sex pleasure with your partner. Don’t hesitate to try the penis pump, it can only make things better.
The most advantage of EROKAY vacuum penis enlargement is that it has two different cushions so will bring different sensation to you, which also means you own two pumps in one time.
The packaging is very discrete, nobody will ever know what’s inside the package so no worries about that!
Item: EROKAY Male Penis Pump
Material: Medical Silicone, ABS, TPE
Function: Penis Enlarger
Waterproof: 100% Waterproof
Size: 11 x 2.75 inches
Package list:
1* Vacuum Penis Pump
1* Black Silicone Cushion
1* Silicone Vaginal-shaped Cushion