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Detail Description

RL-0807ED/RL-0807ID: 2.4GHz 7 inch wireless color video door phone

Product Description

The 2.4GHz 7 inch wireless color video door phone has multi functions such as doorbell function, monitoring, alarm, photo-taking and displaying etc. It is wireless installed and adopts 2.4G ISM digital public frequency band. It is a product that is very suitable for house and office etc where wireless video intercom system is needed.


1. Adopt OV 7725 camera and 7 inch TFT screen which can provide high definition images.

2. High class touch key pad operation.

3. Image data transmission and audio data transmission are synchronous.

4. Transmission distance in open area reaches 150 meters.

5. Adopt AFH adaptive frequency hopping technology, which could share the 2.4G band with wireless net card and blue tooth devices at the same time.

6. Remote unlocking function.

7. RL-0807ED is powered by solar energy and its outdoor unit is equipped with lithium batteries.

8. RL-0807ID is powered by electricity.

Panel Introduction

Please refer to the following for the detailed panel information of this 2.4G wireless color video door phone:

1. Indoor Unit

2. Icons in standby page

3. Outdoor Unit

Technical Specification
Power supply(Outdoor Unit) DC 4.5V/ 1A
Power supply(Indoor Unit) DC 12V / 1A
Frequency 2402~2483.5MHz
Transmission Rate 2Mbit/S
Max Transmission Distance(in open area) > 150m
Indoor Unit Static Power Consumption < 0.4W
Indoor Unit Working Power Consumption < 2.5W
Outdoor Unir Static Power Consumption < 0.3W
Outdoor Unit Working Power Consumption < 2W
Talking Time 90S±10%
Monitoring Time 90S±10%
Camera 380 TV line
Camera viewing angle 60°±2°
Working Temperature -10℃~+40℃
Relative Humidity 10~90%
Battery Type Lithium battery 3.7V
Photo quantity 100 pieces

About Us

Guangdong Roule Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Roule) was established in 1980 as the first intercom system manufacturer in China.