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Proactive Solution

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Proactive Solution
Proactiv special highlight

Proactiv able to clear the pimples and scar together
Proactiv must in use within 3 month after open up the container to ensure the oxygen & hydrogen level inside the container is still sufficient and effective to do the job, proactiv user is advice always ensure the container properly lock up to maintain the quality and effectiveness.
Proactiv for the time being is the only company which able to stabilize the benzoyle peroxide in 2.5% in any kind of condition & environment which research shown it is not harmful to the skin and good enough to kill the bacterial effectively.
Pimple and oily skin is actually the best skin which lasting in getting older and save maintenance cost compare others 3 major skin type such as normal, combination & dry skin
Proactiv treat pimples by using 4% of hydrogen to separate bacterial molecule & introducing 26.4 % of oxygen in to the pole to oxidize the bacterial while carbon go deep in to inner skin layer to maximize the clearance of remaining bacterial inside the pore wall which damage by bacterial infection and finger pressure
Due to the balance of oil control done by proactiv, user may find the longer there use proactiv, the smaller the pore size will be, the skin will feel more lively & brighten up due to the changing of dead skin cell is being well taking care and bringing in oxygen in to the pore by benzoyle peroxide ,this will allowed skin to breath healthily & growth actively.
The white blood cell is to fight the infection or bacterial which harmful to skin while red blood cell is to ensure supply of oxygen & nutrition is constantly enough, this is the redness that always being seeing by us around the pimples.
Acne amount increase surrounding mouth area while ladies having their period is due to the reduce in number of red blood cell contain in the bodies making the white blood cells facing not enough supply to fight the harmful bacteria.
Giving pressure to pimples pore with intention to split out the bacterial and dirt will cause damage to the inner pore wall surface because bacterial actually having a layer to protect them self from white blood cell attack and the layer is harder than the inner pore surface.
Pimples treats by proactiv not causing scar because proactiv using hydrogen and oxygen to separate and oxidize in order to reduce the numbers of bacterial which make proactiv having more than 18 millions user worldwide and some of them being using proactiv for more than 15 years.
Proactiv had being awarded NO 1 best pimples treatment for more than 11 years.
Acne will not spread out by itself because not able to survive when expose to oxygen on skin surface.
Part of the unclean up pimples bacterial will being absorb back in to the pore while finger which pressing acne pore being lifting up, the remaining bacterial will than eaten up inner pore damage surface as their food & causing pore size become bigger and bigger.
15% of the pimples market material is actually costing five times higher cost than normal skin type material, this is why is hard to found the pimples product in the normal pharmacy for total pimples solution.
Pinch pressure can cause the infected material go deeper in to the skin layer and causing additional inflammation, the friction cause by pinch can cause trauma and left behind scar.
After pinch pimples, if on the next day we feel itchy, that means bacterial in the pore which we pinch yesterday or recently starting reactivate again and start attack our inner pore wall.

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Proactiv Test

What are the three major skin conditions where proactiv being develop for?
Proactiv had being selling in more than how many countries?
What are the three reasons which make oily & pimple skin the best skin amount all the skin?
What is the product in the basic set & each bottle is how many ml?
Why we should not pinch our pimple?
What is the meaning of non-comedogenic?
Why proactiv produce the product base on 2.5 benzoyl Peroxide %
What is the main ingredient in renewing cleanser & the function?
What is the main ingredient in poactiv toner?
What is the main ingredient in proactiv mask?
What are the three combinations of benzoyl Peroxide & percentage breakdown?
What is the average pore size for male & female?
Fill up the number of years proactiv being awarded NO 1 best acne treatment for all the listed country? USA …….. Australia……… Japan…….. Europe……..Thailand……..Singapore……..Philippine
Name the two doctor of proactiv developer and their expertise?
Which proactiv doctor being listing in book of “Best Doctor Of America”
Which proactiv doctor being listing in Who’s Who In American Women?
How the acne or pimple starts to develop?
What is the meaning of proactive?
Way proactiv brand without E?
There is approximately how many secondary school & how many university and college within Malaysia?
What is the full name of Mr lee?
What is the main function of Benzoyl Peroxide in Renewing Cleanser?
What is the main function of Sodium Hyaluronate in Renewing Cleanser?
What is the main function of Polyethylene in Renewing Cleanser?
What is the main function of Chamomile Extract in Renewing Cleanser?
What is the main function of Alpha Hydroxy Acids in Revitalizing Toner?
What is the main function of Aloe Vera in Revitalizing Toner?
What is the main function of Witch Hazel Extract in Revitalizing Toner?
What is the main function of Panthenol in Revitalizing Toner?
What is the main function of Allantoin in Revitazing Toner?
What is the main function of Sulfur 6% in Refining Mask?
What is the main function of Koalin in Refining Mask?
What is the main function of Linolein in Refining Mask?
What is the main function of Glycerin in Refining Mask?
Acne happens when you don’t wash your face often or well enough. True/False
Both teenagers and adults can suffer from acne. True/False
Acne develops within hair follicles, and is caused by abnormal skin shedding, increased oil production, proliferation of bacteria and inflammation. True/False
Dead skin cells and oil form a plug in the hair follicle, like a cork in a bottle. This cork-like plug holds the oil and bacteria in the follicle. True/False
Blackheads are just pores clogged by dirt. True/False
Most people have non-inflammatory acne, which can be treated with topical medications like Proactiv. True/False
Genetics aren’t important in acne. All that matters is how you care for your skin. True/False
Medicines like oral antibiotics and Accutane can cure acne. True/False
Proactiv is the idea first step for mild to moderate acne. True/False

Proactiv user guide for 1st time new user
Renewing Cleanser
Pouring a size of approximately 20 cents to the palm, apply a tint layer of cleanser by using two to three finger in the middle on to the face, massage gently on the whole face (stay away from eyes area) for approximately 1 to 2 minutes to allow medication to have enough time to penetrate in to the pore, after that, rinse thoroughly with warm or clean water, dry up totally preferable by using clean white cloth.

This oil free formula cleanser contains prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide in combination of mild cleanser that lightly washes the skin. Tiny beads gently exfoliate dead skin cells, impurities and unclog the pore by attacking and reduce the bacterial numbers, prepare an open pore for proactiv repairing lotion to do the job.
Practice these morning and night, if feel dryness or peeling occurs; reduce the application to once a day or every alternate day.

Revitalizing Toner
Apply to cleansed skin with a cotton ball or pad, morning and night as needed. Ensure allowed Revitalizing Toner to dry up totally before apply Repairing Lotion.
This alcohol-free formula helps to balance skin tone, soften and remove dead skin cells so the skin looks and feels refreshed. It moisturizes as helps to remove excess oil.

Repairing Lotion (The bacterial killer)
After ensure the skin layer is totally dry up, apply a tint layer of repairing lotion on to the whole face and leave on.
These great day and night treatment, soothing and comforting oil free formula light lotions contain benzoyl peroxide which is finely milled to penetrate the pore. It gets deeply in to the pore to dry up blackheads, oxidize the bacterial to heal the pimple and prevent future breakout. It stabilizes microcrystal 2.5% benzoyl peroxide is good enough to kill bacterial but gentle to the skin texture. It contains Panthenol-part of vitamin B which is excellent in moistening. Allantoin- The active ingredient in herb Comfrey in healing problems skin and stimulate the growth of healthy skin.

Revitalizing Toner & Refining Mask - (Repeat this combination one to two times a week)
Put 20 cents size of refining mask on the palm and drop 6 to 8 drops of revitalizing toner to the mask and mix up. Apply to the whole face evenly and leave for 20 minutes, after that, wash thoroughly with clean or warm water and dry up by using clean white cloth. This powerful mask contain proven acne-fighting ingredient that reaches deep into the pores where blemishes begin, gently unplug pore, suck out the dirt or bacterial, pampers inflamed skin, softens and refines the skin texture. The alcohol free Revitalizing Toner helps to balance skin tone, soften and remove dead skin cell. It also moisture and remove excess oil.

Normal daily practice
Used Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner and Repairing lotion one to two times a day, ensure the Revitalizing Toner is totally dry up than only apply the repairing lotion.
If intend to go out under the sun after cleansing, use Proactiv Oil Free Moisture spf 15 which design to offers protection from harmful UVA & UVB rays that age and damage skin.
If is working inside air corn room, use Proactiv Green Tea moisture which design to deliver deep hydration to dry and tired skin. It’s formulated with concentrate botanical extract and powerful antioxidant for moisturizing experience that’s healthy and refreshing. Best of all, its contain mineral-rich formula which won’t clog pore.