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Price: BDT 4300.00


5IN1SOFA BED Single5IN1SOFA BED SingleProduct Description
Tough round hole type sling structure
Quick inflatable
indoor and outdoor apply
Convenient folding design
Do enjoy air bed sofa
With a strong glue and boxed
Dimension: 191cm * 96cm * 63cm

Based on “ergonomic” design principle, the use of air buoyancy of the human body can hold even care to achieve close fit with the human body bed, cervical, lumbar, leg wrist no longer vacant, help eliminate fatigue as soon as possible
for you to create natural, comfortable and healthy quality of sleep!
● the material imported ultra-rugged thermal polymerization pvc system into carbon, stitched with world-class technology, rigorous testing is made ​​in accordance with international standards. Science is designed to not only have a beautiful body of bed today, but also with ordinary bed unmatched comfort, you can be placed directly on the ground.
● suitable for family guest bed, a temporary open-bed use. Inflatable small size, light weight, as bulky let go after the volume of gas with the average household linens, very light weight, folding up and stuffed into a backpack to carry.
● itself has anti-moisture function, so no need to open the bed when the bed frame, directly on the ground can be.