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Delay Spray with vitamin E

Price: BDT 2200.00


Dooz-14000 Delay Spray with Vitamin E Now Available in Bangladesh (Made in Germany)Dooz-14000 Delay Spray with Vitamin E Now Available in Bangladesh (Made in Germany)Dooz-14000 Delay Spray with Vitamin E Now Available in Bangladesh (Made in Germany)Dooz-14000 Delay Spray with Vitamin E Now Available in Bangladesh (Made in Germany)

DOOZ® 14000 Delay Spray with Vitamin E (From Germany), Cell: 01967100613,01799923684

DOOZ DELAY SPRAY with Vitamin E (Made in Germany) – FOR MEN in sexual satisfaction.

Increase your sexual enjoyment, satisfaction & desire !! & makes your ability to keep going longer SEX & satisfy your lucky lady…

“medicine first time in Bangladesh from Germany – for men in sexual satisfaction”

Stop premature ejaculation with DOOZ® Delay Spray with Vitamin E (From Germany)

Premature ejaculation is a common condition that affects millions (89 percent) of men at one time or another.

DOOZ® 14000 Delay Spray; when sprayed at the Penis and it will works within 5 minutes, once use you can have sex for up to 10 times longer than previously. Known as stud spray due to your ability to keep going longer and satisfy your lucky lady, giving her multiple orgasms.

DOOZ® is the only spray in the world with added Vitamin E which nourishes and activates the cells. As the vitamin is a natural one, it is very easily absorbed to stimulate and increase the cells’ energy.


Do Delay Spray For Men Work?

Persons who have sex just 5-10 minutes can enhance his intercourse up to 1-2 hours after using the spray.
Especially use for you and your partner’s satisfaction… & more ….!!!

Apner ki Drutro Bijjho Pat Hocha? Dampotto Jibina Shuki Non? BisshoJuda Sunam Orjon Kora Garmany’r DOOZ® SPRAY akhon Bangladesh’a. Miloner 5 minit Aga Apaner Penis’a 2 Ber Spray Kora 1-2 Gonta Porjonto Shohobas Korta Parben. Bajjhik vaba Baboher ar Karona kono Parshoprotikria Nai.

Discount Price: 3000 Taka

** Courier Charge: 100 Taka Only

The main features of delay spray are:
– You can use it just for external use.
– You can also request for sucking by your night partner.
– Safe and effective results…
– The spray for penis is so powerful so no need to exceed 2-3 sprays
– Alternatively you can spray onto the palm of your hand and massage into the penis. This spray is odour and taste free so should you receive oral sex your partner won’t be able to tell you have it on!!
– Gives you a Longer Lasting Erection
– Increases your Enjoyment and Confidence when Making Love
– Increase her Enjoyment, Satisfaction and Desire
– Penis thickening & increasing, day by day with Vitamin – E
– reduce cells damage of penis

If you can do something today don’t leave it until tomorrow, because tomorrow might never come, get your happy SEX life back with satisfied pledged.

Delivery & Payment
1. Delivery: Home Delivery / Parcel
2. Payment mode: bKash
3. Order receive: 09:00am – 10:30pm

** Please don’t be hesitate & shy, feel free to phone 01967100613,01799923684 to collect for your life romantic & enjoy full. Thank you. Have a good time.

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★ আপনার কি দ্রুত বীর্যপাত হয় ? আপনার লিঙ্গ কি ছোট ও দুর্বল ? লিঙ্গ স্ট্রং হয় না ?

আপনার সেক্স’কে আরো আর্ততৃপ্তি দেবার জন্য !! ভিটামিন -ই সমৃদ্ধ “জার্মানীর বিখ্যাত – ডুজ ডিলে স্প্রে (Germany) এখন বাংলাদেশে” ! ব্যবহার করে ৫০-৬০ মিনিট পর্যন্ত সেক্স / সহবাস করতে পারবেন এবং এক রাতে ২/৩ বার মিলন করুন ! ভিটামিন – ই সাহায্যে লিঙ্গ মোটা, লম্বা ও শক্তিশালী হয় ! বাজ্জীকভাবে ব্যবহার এর কারণে এর কোনো পার্শপ্রতিক্রিয়া নেই !!

*Now Discount Price:3000 TK Only

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