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Maxman 75000 long time delay spray

Price: BDT 1600.00


Maxman 75000 Long Time Delay Spray For Men With vitamin EPopular male sexual delay product Maxman Delay Spray is for men external use only. It is most effective to increase male sexual sense and stimulate their sexual desire, let men create harder and longer erections easily. Male sexual stimulation Maxman Spray will prolong the intercourse time and delay ejaculation. Features: 1.For external use only 2.Most Effective Delay Creme For Men 3.mild non-toxic A very mild non-toxic topical desensitizer in a specially compounded vanishing cream base. For external use only. Direction for use: To produce a temporary slight numbing effect over a desired area, aooly and gently massage into skin into 10 minutes before contact Active ingredient: Benzocaine 9.6% in a water washable base. Caution: Do not apply over abrasions or rashes. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep this and al drugs out of the reach of children [Ingredients] epimedium saggitatum, avena satevam, saw paimetto, niacinmmuirapuama, guaran extract, androstendione [Applicable] people with symptom like, impotence, premature ejaculation, weak sperm, sexual disorder, low sexual desire, softness of penis, prostate or other sexual dysfunction caused by weak kidney. [Specification] 45ml / box [Usage & Dosage] Spray on the head and shaft of the penis, normally between 10 and 25 minutes before intercourse. [Warning] 1. DO NOT EXCEED SIX SPRAYS PER APPLICATION; 2. For external use only. [Storage] Seal, moisture-proof, in a dry place. [Shelf Time] 3 years [Manufacture] Xi’an Hongsheng Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd